Central Plains Schutzhund Club hosted our spring trial with Head Judge Andrea Duggan.  We had a lot of fun and success over the weekend. 

Endo was successful with getting his IGP 1 title.  He was so happy and healthy and a pure joy to watch on the field.  He wasn’t the highest scoring dog, but he certainly won the hearts of everyone in attendance.


Arlo and I completed the 20km bike ride and he now has his AD.  It was a great experience, and I will happily volunteer as an AD bike rider for anyone in the future.

Photo credit to Melissa Waters


Summer 2018 has been a busy one for our family and our dogs!  

Token and Arlo made another trip to Big Splash Prairie Dogs for some fun with dock diving.  These working dogs do love the water!  

In August Arlo and I made the trip to Winnipeg, MB with some fellow club members.  The Winnipeg Working Dog Club hosted a fantastic weekend seminar with Stefan Schuab.  We learned a lot of new training techniques, made some new friends and had a lot of fun.  

The whole family traveled to Calgary, AB for the second annual Zulu K9 Challenge. 


We successfully completed the 5km obstacle course with Token and Arlo.  Taylor, our ten year old kept right up with our Chihuahua/Papillon cross!! 


This is such a fun event that is good for both ourselves and the dogs.   The obstacles, people and other dogs allows for a lot of stimulation and exposure.  We are already looking forward to the 10km in 2019! 


The German Shepherd Dog Club of Calgary hosted the 2018 Prairie Regional Championships on June 1-5. 

While we didn’t have any dogs entered in the trial ourselves, we got to watch some great teams compete. Heartbreaking moments aside, there were many learning opportunities and we will be taking a lot of information away from this weekend that will benefit our training going forward.

Arlo and Token were entered in the Sieger Show on Sunday and I’m happy to say they both did super well, earning their titles. Arlo got SG2 (second only to his handsome brother) and has a lot of future promise once he matures.  Token improved her title to SG3.  Now we just have to work on getting our IPO titles!  We are super excited for the future!


Thanks to the Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club putting on their annual event in Saskatoon, Endo successfully completed his last two legs earning his CD title!  

Endo received his first leg towards his Novice CD title at the SKOC Obedience Trials on February 10!

This is planning on being a busy year for us as we have set quite a few goals for the dogs.  Endo will continue towards his CD, as well as his IPO1 at our club trial in May.  Token and Arlo will be making a trip with us to the Prairie Regional Championships to be entered in the show, and work towards their BH for our fall trial.  

We were fortunate to take part in an obedience seminar put on by 2017 WUSV HIGH OBEDIENCE winner Ralph Gilby on December 9!!!  Ralph was also the first place winner of the 2017 GSSCC National Championships!!!

This was hosted by the Central Plains Schutzhund Club and as you can imagine it was jam packed with information the entire day.  We are super excited to take this new information forward and incorporate it into our training.

We were honoured to be part of the hosting club for the 2017 Prairie Regional Championship and Sieger Show.  The hard work and dedication of everyone involved really showed through and we put on a successful, national quality event.  Congratulations to all teams who participated and were successful in their entries!

All three of our dogs took part in the event.

Endo attempted his IPO1 title.  While he was not successful in passing to receive the title, he showed enormous improvement in all areas we have been working on.  He was happy and energetic the whole time, he managed to deceive many people about his age.  I am very proud of the work he did and we are eagerly awaiting our next attempt in the fall.

Token was entered in the 24 month + open class, competing against experienced show dogs.  She earned a G1 title, with praises from the judge.  If we continue to train in the show ring she will likely move up to a SG and who knows, maybe someday a V ;).

Arlo was in the 3-6 month puppy class where he took the blue ribbon and received a Very Promising rating.  The judge was overall very impressed with him and looks forward to seeing his development.  

Who knew these working dogs could also be successful in the show ring!