June 14, 2008 - July 10, 2020

Endo's pedigree 

OFA Hips/Elbows - Good/Normal

Sadly we said good bye to Endo at the age of 12 due to stomach cancer.

Endo is our pride and joy and the basis which we form our breeding program around.  As a working dog he is impressive, no matter the job you give him, he always gives 110%.  He has dabbled and excelled in compound guarding, narcotics detection and Schutzhund.  

While there is nothing this dog can't do, there seems to also be nothing that can stop him.  Over the years he has recovered from a collision with a truck, a porcupine, and more seriously, a shot gun wound.  Nothing has set him back, or affected his happy personality.

At the age of 8 he came out of retirement and earned his BH.  At the age of 11, long past when most dogs have retired, Endo earned his IPO1 title.  He had no issues clearing the jump, climbing the wall, or taking down the bad guy.  As always he was youthful and energetic, looking half his age.

Endo was proof that there is no such thing

 as too old when it comes to being a

working dog.

In the house he is calm and laid back, he loves lounging at your feet and there is no such thing as too many kisses, or too much petting.  He has intense ball drive and in the yard he is often entertaining himself with his horse ball.  He has no inherent dog aggression, and though he has high prey drive, he is friends with our cats.  Unfortunately we can't say the same for our chickens, as he has proven himself to be an able hunter.


Endo is everything a German Shepherd should be, an all around hard working dog that always impresses on the field, and a happy, loving and attentive family dog when he is "off duty."

"The German Shepherd is unfortunately a breed that has a long history of health problems. Dysplasia, joint, heart and temperament issues are legitimate genetic problems that exist which cause so many problems within the working and companion world.

It is important to see that these dogs are tough enough to handle anything, and keep going. It is important to continue to raise the standards of what the breed should be, and to not settle for good enough."



SG Sunshadows Token DJ x V Earl Vom Haus Juros IPO3, FH1


Arlo's pedigree

OFA Hips/Elbows- Excellent/Normal

We have been so impressed with Token's puppies we just had to keep one for ourselves!  We are very excited to have Arlo as one of our own and he is already showing so many of the qualities we look for in our dogs.  


Arlo is a very balanced dog.  He is extremely calm and de-sensitized to exciting environments, allowing him to "switch off" when most dogs wont.  We have had the honour of being part of our local 4H petting zoo, twice where he spent the days in a crowd, being handled and mauled by infants and adults alike.  His calm and gentle demeanour never wavered, and he was gentle taking treats from the tiniest of hands.  No matter where we go, he always manages to become best friends with anyone and everyone around.  

In obedience he is showing sensitivity to his handler, eagerness to please, and plenty food drive.  He is very energetic and vocal when excited, as well he has tons of prey drive which gives him speed and energy when working.  

Protection is his moment to shine with intense barking at the helper and fast speed in the courage test.  His potential in the sport is only limited by his handler.

Arlo  took the blue ribbon at the 2017 Prairie Regional Championship in the 3-6 month puppy class.  He received a Very Promising rating along with many praises from the judge.  At the 2018 Prarie Regional Championships he came second to his brother in the 12-18 month old class and received an SG title.  In 2019 he entered the show ring at the GSSCC Nationals and received his second SG rating in the Adult Open Class.  

I look forward to continuing to work and develop his foundation work and train towards his IGP 1 in the spring of 2021.