"We had an amazing experience with Zeren German Shepherds. Stacey is knowledgable and works hard to help her pups find the right homes.


She was amazing in helping us select our female puppy, Kali, who impresses us more everyday!


She's now six months old, is great with other dogs, cats, and children. She loves to hike, paddle board, swim and play with our older dog and we are always receiving compliments on her stunning looks and calm disposition.


Highly recommend Zeren Shepherds to anyone looking for a gorgeous dog who can do it all!"

                                                  - Shayna

"In January 2018, Mike and I found Zeren German Shepherds! After a lot of research, pictures, and back and forth, They were hands down the best GSD Breeder out there!!

We chose our “Delta” And we are in awe every since!  She is Amazing!

Delta has shown and continues to show 5 Star obedience and temperament. When she’s not on Guard, she’s a perfect Family dog

We are planing our Next GSD Addition from Stacey at Zeren German Shepherds Next spring!!
We Can’t wait!! 

We Highly Recommend Zeren German Shepherds for all over perfection!!"



"Atlas is literally the best dog I could ever ask for! He is so intelligent! I swear we could almost have a conversation! Lol thanks so much Stacey for allowing him to be a part of our family! I could never ask for a better dog! I would recommend you highly!"


"I'd give more stars if I could. Nothing but a great experience from Zeren, from the time we were looking for a puppy to when we signed the papers to make Trigger ours. Fast communication, and always there to help when needed.

Also great to have a dog from actual working lines that are active in schutzhund"